Burglary is often thought of as a “Property Crime” ….When burglaries are spoken about the questions will usually be:- what was taken?, did they lose much? Sadly, the emotional effects on the victim and more importantly, children, are very rarely thought about but the effects are very real and can be long lasting.

Figures from a recent survey by www.victimsupport.org.uk show: One in four burglary victims say they experienced mental health issues after a break-in, such as increased anxiety or symptoms of depression. 27% said that their child’s sleep was affected following a break-in at their home, while 11% reported it had a negative impact on their child’s performance at school. 32 % of parents found their children’s sense of personal safety and well-being affected and 10% reported an increase in their child’s bed-wetting. 

The victims of Burglaries reactions vary from disbelief, anger, shock and tearful realisation that they, their home, the one place they have always felt safe and secure, has been violated. The first they knew was when they returned home to find all the drawers emptied over the beds and floors, cupboards and wardrobes ransacked and chaos in every room  The trauma  of the burglary is then exacerbated by the discovery that expensive items and items of great sentimental value have been taken. 

The feeling of paranoia that they have been "watched" over the past few days is quite common. The damage can be repaired, Insurance Companies can replace items but the fear, uncertainty and stomach churning anxiety can remain for months or even years. In many cases, simple security measures could have possibly prevented the home invasion.

Home Security Surveys we’ll give you the knowledge to identify areas that could tempt the opportunist burglar to target your house and what measures to take and security improvements you can make to reduce your risk from becoming a victim. The information on this site will give you an understanding about burglars and what they look for that may encourage them to attempt to break into your house. 

There are a lot of things you can do to improve the protection around your home that will cost you nothing but will make a big difference.  The advice centers around a technique called "Target Hardening" which, if properly applied, can reduce the "attraction" to a burglar and reduce the risk of being burgled. As long as we have glass doors and windows someone can gain access, but research has shown that any home with just the basic security measures in place are less at risk than a property with none.

We truly hope you never become a victim, but just by reading the content of this website and applying what you have learned, we are confident you will be better informed on how you can reduce the risk to your home. 
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